Community moderators/ambassadors


Everyone needs support sometimes. As we’re growing there is need for community moderators in the @auxiliumglobal Telegram community.

Additionally there have been a significant amount of requests for different communities (e.g. Indonesia, Bangladesh, Arab). It makes sense to start creating more Telegram groups for people who prefer another language above English.

For now up till 1st October we’re looking for volunteers. After that periode we’ll review the work that the volunteers have done, and decide if

If you’re interested in becoming a moderator/admin in a Auxilium Global Telegram community let us know!

We’ll contact you after you’ve replied below.

Please add the following info:

  1. Applying for: English channel / Other channel
  2. What language or country (if other channel)
  3. Experience in years
  4. Are you supporting other projects (if yes which)
  5. Do you ask a fee (we’re first of all looking for volunteers, but could after a “internship” look at options to pay in tokens)
  6. What is your timezone?
  7. How many hours per day can you be online for the Telegram group?
  8. Are you willing to work together with other admins?
  9. Do you hold AUX coins?
  10. How long have you been in the Auxilium community?
  11. If we would test your knowledge about the Auxilium blockchain would you pas the test?

Looking forward to your applications! :+1:t2: :blush:

You can reply below, or send me a forum message in private (also reply below you sent me a message please).


Hello my name is Travis Mancuso and i would be honored to work with the Auxilium project.

  1. I am applying for the English Channel.
  2. I speak english and live in the United States of America.
  3. 3 years of cryptocurrency trading experience.
  4. I currently am not supporting any other projects.
  5. I would work for free but would love to receive AUX if offered.
  6. Mountain Standard Time
  7. I am very active on The Aux telegram and say I’d be available 12h a day.
  8. Yes, I have no problem working with others including other admins.
  9. I currently hold [blocked amount ;-)] Aux coins
  10. I’ve been in the AUX community for a month now.
  11. I belive I am somewhat educated on the Aux token and can take a test.

Hello, my name is Ricky Harun and I would like to work with the Auxilium project, create a large community and help grow this project, it’s an honor to be working here.

I signed up for the Indonesian Language Channel.

I speak English and Indonesian, and I live in Indonesia.

2 years experience as a professional Indonesian community manager, 4 years experience trading cryptocurrency

I am currently also working for one of the largest cryptocurrency trading markets, Poloniex Exchange. But the working time Poloniex gives you is freedom, so I can work for you.

Yes I charge for my work, it doesn’t matter if I get paid with AUX tokens.

UTC +7 / GMT +7

When I have received it, I will actively use the Aux telegram and I am willing to work 12 hours a day.

Yes, I have no trouble even I enjoy working with other people including other admins.

I currently do not hold AUX tokens

I’m new to the AUX community but don’t worry I’m a pro.

Yes, I am willing to take the test.


Thanks! I will reply you in a PM.


Thanks! I will reply you in a PM.


Dear Sir,

I am Loris from Indonesia .I have adequate experience to work as a Community Moderator in a good number of projects. I am very eager to work on your project.I can work my heart and soul for the development of the project. I am looking forward to your response. Thank you. I have experience in the crypto world for more than 3 years.

I have an working in Payaccept Indonesia community/ Im Crypto Community community / Trumpcoin Global communitys / SOXBET.ORG . I can help to added more people and more investor in this community and help to growth your project.


Sir I am coming Bangladesh…
Sir, this project is the single best project I’ve ever seen in my life.
Sir I know this project will be a very big project…
Sir, if you take me as an administrator on your project, I will consider my life a blessing…
Sir i hope you keep my request and give me some work on your project i want to work with your project sir please sir please let me work with your project please

My telegram username @Jioun804
I have already sent my cv Telegram to your inbox

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And I would be very happy to join the Auxilium Project! If a Bangladeshi Community of your project is created in our country. Then Auxilium Project will spread all over Bangladesh. We have many Bangladeshi Friend in Telegram. I have 4 years experience in Crypto world.

1: - applying for English Or Bangladeshi Language

2: - English or Bangladeshi Language.

3: - 4 Year Experience

4: - Yes many Project!

5: - Yes, you will determine the fee. How to pay fee to all ambassadors.

6: - Time zone in Bangladesh (GMT + 6)

Saturday, August 22, 2020, 11:11 PM

7: - 10-12h + active

8: - Yes, Agreed!

9: - It has not been HOLD yet. However, there is a future plan.

10: - This month

11: - Yes, of course I’m Ready | bn

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Hello Dear Anton Sir
I am Abigail From India I would love to work in your Auxilium Project.

( No.1 ) I am applying for the Hindi & English Channel.

(No.2) I fluently speak English, Hindi, Urdu And Bengali and I live in Kolkata India. Currently working in one projects and they permitted me to work with others project.

(No.3) 4 years of experience in cryptocurrency trading and 3 years of experience in ieo & ico.

(No.4) Currently am supporting gstcoin projects.

(No.5) I charge for my work pay in tokens is also ok for me.

(No.6 )My timezone is Indian Standard time (IST) UTC+05:30 .

(No.7) I can stay active 12-14 hours in Auxilium Group.

(No.8) Ofcourse, I would love to work with others. Together we can create a new sunshine.

(No.9) Not yet hold any AUX Token but I will hold some.

(No.10) I am staying in Auxilium community for two weeks

(No.11) Of course I will pass. I researched enough before applying for this post.

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Hello my name is Taha i want become a part of Auxilium project!

  1. I am applying for the Turkish Channel.
  2. I speak english and Turkish and live in the Turkey.
  3. 5 years of cryptocurrency work&trading experience.
  4. I currently am not supporting any other projects.
  5. I would work for as internship or full time paid worker
  6. Gmt+3 İstanbul
  7. 12 hour in a day
  8. Yes, I have no problem working with others including other admins.
  9. Now i havent.
  10. I’ve been in the AUX community for 24 hours.
  11. I hope i can pass the exam

Hello Sir,

My name is Muhammad Rafi and I am from Pakistan. Auxilium is a big project and it will be a great honour for me to serve it in any way. So I am applying for the Moderator position.

  1. For English/India/Pakistan channels

  2. My native language is Urdu/Hindi but I am quite fair in English as well

  3. Having 2 years of experience working as a Moderator/Community Admin

  4. Not right now but worked in from 2017-2019 until the platform is being discontinued

  5. It will be highly appreciated, but I am ready to work as a volunteer as ling as Auxilium management is ready to compensate me

  6. GMT+5 (Pakistan)

  7. Up to 12 hours a day

  8. Yes I am fully agreed to work with other admins (no problem)

  9. Not right now but definitely because I think Auxilium has huge potential

  10. From 1 week or so

  11. Yeah hopefully I will be able to pass it

Muhammad Rafi

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Thank you all for the application!

I’m excited to reply you all, and will do so next week! :smiley:

I am Truffaut AGBANDJAI from Benin
1-I desope my Application for the French-speaking community.
2- I have 3 years of experience in cryptocurrency
3-Oh no, I’m not a group administrator I am willing to promote this piece.
4-I am ready to work first as an intern
5-I am in Benin in my time zone is GMT + 1 I am always online for at least 12 hours a day
6-I will be very happy and ready to work with other administrators.
7-I don’t have the Auxilium parts yet. I have been leaving the community since yesterday.
8-I will be very happy to have my knowledge of the Auxilium blockchain tested, and I am ready to take the test.

Hlo dear admin i am Ashish
And wanted to work with the auxillium project

  1. Am applying for the global group and India group ( if you have )
  2. i can speak Hindi English languages
  3. 1 have 2 years of experience
    4.Am working in many projects currently as on 31 August 2020. ( names are White Rock casino managing their global and Indian community both / GFC official managing their global community / paydao official managing their Indian community/ Bitlux exchange managing global community there )
    5.I work for fee and don’t accept projects token i accept flat payments
  4. i live in india Time zone in India (GMT+5:30)
  5. I have a active standard time of 7 - 8 hour’s
  6. i love to work with less admins ( and love to work.alone Also )
  7. I am not holding Aux coins
  8. new here but liked your audience :heart:
  9. am a fast learner can learn about your project also soon

telegram id @ashdeadpool

Thanks everyone :heart:

Thank you for the information :blush:

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It’s great to see so many people wanting to join as a helping hand to the Auxilium community. I’ll get back to you all this week. Please take into consideration, we’re not able to pay you at this moment. Auxilium never conducted an ICO before and also the team has been working without financial compensation(s).

My name is Tochukwu.

  1. I am applying for English channel.
  2. I speak English. I’m from Nigeria.
  3. 3 years experience. I’ve worked for projects such as Coinchase, Bitribe.
  4. I am currently working with Oryx Project.
  5. I ask a fee for my work. I expect a salary that is consistent with your employees at the same level. However, I can volunteer until you decide to begin to pay fees in any currency including AUX.
  6. UTC+1.
  7. 8-10 hours per day.
  8. I’m willing to work with other admins. I seek an atmosphere where I can show my experience while developing my skills yet further.
  9. Currently I hold no AUX coin. I should be a holder after airdrop distribution.
  10. About 1 month.
  11. With my knowledge about the project, I believe I will pass the test.
    I hope my application will be given favourable consideration. Can’t wait to work with the team.
    Telegram: @silasroneto

Hello all,
I’m aware I didn’t contact everyone yet. I’ll try to do my best within the next 2 weeks.
As you can imagine we’re very busy with other important tasks.
My lack of reply doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate you applying, because I certainly do!
Talk soon :slight_smile:

No feedback yet? I am interested to work.

Dear applicants,

We’ve waited a while for the outcome of the XT IEO, and further movement financially. We’re running a community fundraiser now to try and build the financial support to move further.

At this moment we have 1) enough people supporting the project as a moderator, and 2) can’t pay anyone for the work which in most cases is expected by applicants (in the long run).

We thank you again for the interest shown in the project. For now the application process will be paused.

Kind regards,

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