Community fundraiser: slight delay, but with silver lining

Dear Auxilium community,

You’ve probably seen we’re working on an issue at the moment found in transactions from Mercatox to the Auxilium wallet. Like mentioned earlier people with outstanding withdrawal requests don’t need to worry about their funds being lost. Once we’ve fixed the issue the transactions will come through.

Because repair, testing and monitoring, asks our full attention at the moment, we wanted to make sure to inform you as early as possible that we’re moving the date of the community fundraiser back by a week. It’s possible we’ll finish sooner, but wanted to give ourselves proper time to finish the platform and didn’t want to send a last-minute delay notice. Webiste:

However, there is a silver lining to this story. The fundraiser platform comes not only with great functionality for the community fundraiser, but can also be used in the future as an ICO platform for instance.

Auxilium Global has its own Auxilium blockchain which makes it possible for developers to create tokens/dapps on our blockchain. Additional to this service (and developers wiki we’ll publish) projects will be able to hold an ICO to sell their newly created tokens on our platform by using AUX as method of payment.

This motivates us even more to create the best product possible. The community fundraiser will be delayed, but the platform itself will be as good as it can be, plus used in the future also to add an extra service for future projects.

Thanks in advance for understanding that delays are sometimes part of the job.

We wish everyone a wonderful week.

Kind regards,

The Auxilium Global Team

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Okidoki, we are all still full of expectations and excitement :+1:.

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