CoinMarketCap listing update


Dear Auxilium community,

24 hours after we listed on Mercatox exchange, we applied for a listing with CoinMarketCap (CMC). We checked all requirements (and more) and expected to be listed with the next batch or the one after.

Six days later, we received a standardized e-mail from CMC telling us we did not check all requirements and could re-apply for listing once we were more established. This was the start of a week-long discussion with CMC.

We figured that a cryptocurrency such as Auxilium (AUX), would get approved quickly. We ticked all CMC’s criteria at the time, are unique and innovative in many respects, etc.

This combined with the fact that many coins listed on CMC do not even meet the basic requirement of having a live and transparent circulating supply, we thought we’d pass muster no problems. For your reference this is the list of requirements:

A very long story short, CMC have continued to move the goal posts on us repeatedly and have now altered their policy regarding criteria a token or coin must meet in order to get listed. Their new policy states that a coin or token must now be listed with a minimum of two exchanges before CMC will consider them.

We have since applied for a second listing with another exchange and this should have occurred within the next six days, at which point, we can re apply for a listing with CMC.

Kind regards,

The Auxilium Global Team

Auxilium strategic listing on BiteBTC

Anton had actually written up three A4 pages for you all to read, detailing all of the events leading up to this point but we decided it was probably best to keep it short and diplomatic.


This post is why I invest Aux which means I trust core team and their effort. Thank Anton, James and the others.


Honesty and transparency.