Buy sprouts before 14/11?


Hello to all, along with say hello, I want to know if today, November 11, 2017, you can buy sprouts to get something more and then move them to the change of sprouts +, I await your answer as I plan to buy a little more of sprouts to be able to change them when they launch sprouts +, thank you very much and have a good day, I will look forward to your answers


Hi @Matiascarm!

Today the price of Sprouts is low. An investment never has 100% certainties, as you know. But if you have money that you do not need now or (very) soon and you want to invest, than my answer is: yes, there is good possibility that you will see a return of your investment when buying Sprouts for the current price, swapping to Sprouts+.

I assume you are staking your holdings? In that case it is very likely you will also gain stake rewards over your new coins before swap, which will make it more likely that you will see return of your investments.


i dont think november 14 is the last day , reading the updates i think probably we can still buying sprouts till the end of this month , what do you think? @Gonnabetya


@wariorpat I was indeed wondering where that 11/14 was coming from. Besides, even though we are going to swap Sprouts will still be on the exchanges.


Hello guys, thx for all informations… anyone could tell me where to buy more Sprouts at moment?





Thanks guys for the answer! In novaexchange I dont have an account and I cannot register cause there is only the botton Log-in and not to register.

In coinexchange I tried but when I try to buy with bitcoin I dont receive the amount of the price in dollar that is today at: 0.00000036 $ I can only buy at 0.00000001 BTC and the difference is a lot isnt worth.

Could anybody help me in this pass?

Thanks again


in coinexchange you can also buy them with doge(coin) . buy cheap doge anywhere (or CE), and use those doge for a better deal on CE

Also handy to see the markets where to trade ;