But what does this coin do/ offer?


Ive been looking for over an hour, trying to find out information about what this coin actually is, what it offers, what it does, what it aims to do. Ive found literally nothing except vague descriptions, promises by the Devs and arguments in the community forums while looking to find what this coin even is. Can someone please explain to me something about the coin? Or even where I can find a detailed explanation? It shouldnt be this difficult to find information for potential new investors.



I think you should read the white paper


It have almost information there


ok, thanks. I was looking for the whitepaper but only saw v2 which is still in progress. This is what i was looking for. Thanks for your help.


Meh, that wasnt much help. It talks about how it wants to be a part of an altruistic world, green and beautiful and perfect for the children of the future. But, it doesnt say how it hopes to achieve this or how using this coin contributes to this goal. Half of the white paper was the devs trying to convince current holders why pre-mining and taking 40% of their value was a good thing. I dont have an opinion on this as im not currently a holder but it did little to answer my questions as a new comer about what this coin actually does.
Good luck but you’ve lost a potential investor.


That why they are making version 2 of white paper. Sprouts+ is born to rescue the sprouts holder. That why you see many information about pre-mining and taking 40% of their value.

To be short, Sprouts+ will be clone of ETH with POS. 8% reward per year ( but split 8% for R&D and 8% for charity, you will get 86% reward ).


Correct. @demonchild @DurtMgurt 2 of the Whitepaper will contain more information on the use cases and the importance of Sprouts+ of targeting markets like charity. Whereas V1 was more an overview of the transition and the reason behind the move.