Auxilium weekly update: 16th July 2018


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Subject: community update 16th July 2018

Dear Auxilium community,

You might have read that the first swap we held from 1st July – 11th July was a success. Sprouts holders have shown faith in the Auxilium project and the team behind it. 21% of all SPRTS were swapped in this short period of time, including 7 out of 10 addresses of the top-10 SPRTS “richlist”. A lot of people have requested another swap, which we have agreed with because we realise that the swap period, especially for those with SPRTS on the exchange and in the Sprouts hard fork (HF) wallet, was a lot shorter than the three weeks initially planned.

We can understand, now you (nearly) have AUX, you are even more eager to know what is on the agenda. To give you an idea what you can expect in the near future we would like to sum up a few points we are, or will be soon, working on. We will try to keep the Monday as the day for our weekly update.

  1. Compiling the Sprouts HF wallet to fit our swap platform. Making it possible for those holding HF Sprouts to swap to AUX. The swap will be held on As you can see the swap platform is not active at the moment. We will inform you when the 7-day swap will be held. It will not be possible to send SPRTS directly from the old wallet to the swap platform once live. However it should be possible for everyone to swap SPRTS to AUX. The options are:
    A) Swap from exchange to swap platform.
    B) Swap from Sprouts HF wallet to swap platform.
    C) Move your SPRTS from old wallet to HF wallet by downloading the Sprouts HF wallet ( and moving your wallet.dat file from the old to the HF wallet. Do not transfer your SPRTS directly, through a normal transaction, from the old to the HF wallet. You will possibly lose your SPRTS.

  2. Working on the content on both the website and the whitepaper. We have added more information on frontpage and adjusted the information on the code on Also we are looking into creating a new website that complies with the highest standards and with branding that truly fits our concept. We will be working on the new website and overall branding behind the scenes and will announce the reveal date once finished. We have not uploaded the whitepaper yet, because we are still in the swap from SPRTS to AUX. As soon as the swap is finished we will work to adjust the whitepaper so it only focuses on Auxilium; to prevent confusion. You can expect the Auxilium whitepaper August this year.

  3. We have started contacting exchanges. In the past months we have done a lot of research on the exchanges and their requirements and we are working currently to meet or exceed these requirements. We are confident we will get listed with one or more of our preferred exchanges after the final swap. Some exchanges require we sign a NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) and so we may not be able to talk openly about the listing process until after the fact.

  4. As mentioned earlier we are aware of the necessity of an healthy circulating supply. We have some great ideas to increase the circulating supply, and more important: the amount of people holding AUX which is necessary for an healthy circulating supply and healthy market.

  5. We have cleaned up the Auxilium Discord ( The Discord has less categories and channels now which we hope will make it easier for users to find the information they are looking for.

We plan to have the next weekly update Monday 23rd of July. If we have any urgent announcements/updates we will certainly let you know on all our online platforms. Wonder if you missed out on something? For instance check on Telegram or Roadmap and updates (updated daily) on the forum.

We wish you a wonderful week!

Kind regards,

Auxilium Team

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