Auxilium wallet/swap support


Dear Auxilium community,

The desktop wallets for Windows, MacOS and Linux will be online, including installation instructions, on as soon as the swap from sprts to AUX starts.

Always make sure you back-up your wallet accounts. Copy and store your keystore files in a safe (preferably offline) place. Keystore files hold your account details; and your AUX.

Support questions can be posted here.

We try and answer questions as soon as possible.

Kind regards,

Auxilium Team

Network status: :white_check_mark:

Block explorer:

We will add FAQs here.

Windows wallet is not synchronizing
Although the network is up and running, the block count in the wallet might not always be accurate. It sometimes displays incorrect block count or freezes (upon reload). This is a known cosmetic issue (nothing to do with the stability or security of the network and safety of your AUX). We are working on a fix.

It sometimes can be solved by simply restarting the wallet.

As long as your AUX keystore is safe and the Auxilium network is live, you are alright. Sorry for the possible inconvenience.

Is there a problem with the network/blockchain?
Please check the network/blockchain status. Green? All is good. As long as you have your keystore safe all is good. Your wallet might by out of sync? Good to know: the wallet is only a way to display and transfer AUX, it does not affect the AUX on the blockchain.

How long does it take to receive AUX when using the swap platform?
Approximately an hour due to at least 30 confirmations needed.

Are my coins lost?
If you have swapped using, have provided an AUX address (step 2), and have sent SPRTS to the given address (step 3), then your coins are safe on the blockchain.

What should I do after not having received my coins after waiting an hour?
Please check if your SPRTS have had 30 or more confirmations:
Not 30 confirmation yet, please wait a while.
30 confirmations or more? Please check the AUX address:

Send us a private message with the following info:

  • sprts address used for sending
  • sprts address given by swap platform
  • aux address used

What is the swap ratio?
The swap ratio is a variable, because the calculation is based on the total supply of Sprouts, which is increasing.

Total supply SPRTS \ 300 million = R = ratio
Your amount of SPRTS \ R = Your amount of AUX

Is it better to swap now or wait?
The ratio will increase every day. Swapping sooner would give you more AUX than swapping later.

Swap support: ask your questions here!
Roadmap and updates (updated daily)


This morning, the new Aux wallet was on sync, I initiated the swap.

4 hours later, I am checking and the balance is still 0.
The info is that apparently the wallet did not sync for the last 4 hours.

I just closed the wallet and restarted it.

BUT now, it tells that it is 16 days since last block!!!

How is it possible that the wallet is loosing the sync and goes back earlier in the syncing process?

Really weird behavior.

I will need to check for the swap on blockchain on 1 side and see if the wallet is syncing
which does not see the case at this time…

And for now, I can even not COPY the address to check the swap, as in the wallet not in sync, the buttons on the right side of the account in the wallet, disappeared.


We are aware of syncing issues, and have stated so before.

We are working on it. Please bear with us.

You can check your AUX on the block explorer

Having your wallet open/connected is NOT needed for receiving interest through AID platform.


nope, cannot check it easily, as the button on the right side, to copy the address is not displayed in the wallet at this time!

I would need to type the address manually


@Altcoinlover can’t you select and copy (without using the button) the AUX address? I can.


apparently, nope, I cannot… which is a surprise actually.

Just checked the wallet, and now the buttons are available


How does that work when we made 2 swap of 2 different amounts of SPROUT, coming from the same wallet, going to the same AUX address?

At this time, I see only 1 transaction, when I did 2.

Also, from that transaction, I would have had around 65 AUX for 1.5 millions SPROUT.
Is that accurate?
I have no clue about the total SPROUT supply
Just that I find this is really not much. I did not expect to have that low amount.
I know that the total supply of SPROUT is huge and that I have finally a tiny amount.

But still :wink:


@Altcoinlover The Sprouts supply is huge. The amount of AUX is correct.

We have not for nothing written information, plus a disclaimer on the first page to make sure everybody agrees to be fully informed and understands the “rules of the swap”. :slight_smile:

Please note:
From now on only swap sprts from old Sprouts wallet for AUX on Like stated many times before on here, and like stated on the platform: it is NOT possible to swap Sprouts from the exchange or new wallet after the hard fork of Sprouts cryptocurrency.

You can check if your SPRTS have had 30+ confirmations (which is needed + 30 minutes wait) which is needed in order for the platform to send the AUX.

It is advised to use the swap platform from beginning to end for every swap/transaction. So you get unique deposit addresses for you SPRTS.


oh, shoot… this has been my mistake. I did not make twice the swap process !!! SHOOT SHOOT…

As I had over 2 millions, I sent twice to the same swapping address

Please, tell me there is a way to reverse that or get the AUX anyway…

I can easily share the proof of sent from my personal wallet
for both transaction.


@Altcoinlover Please send me a private message with Sprouts address you sent to with screenshot transfers wallet and AUX address you wanted to receive on. Let’s see what we can do.


I successfully swapped my SPRTS to AUX. However, once my AUX was on the wallet, I wanted to move them into a Wallet Contract. The transaction apparently ran out of gas. I assumed that it would roll back the transaction and my AUX would still be in my main account, but it is still showing a balance of 0.00 AUX, and the transaction as “not executed”. Have I lost my AUX?


Good to hear you had a successful swap!

Creating contracts are extra and not necessary. And for more experienced users (with Ethereum-base knowledge).

Send me your AUX address through private message please and screenshot of the wallet.

Maybe I can help you. :+1:


thanks @Anton. Much appreciated

Will send it shortly.


I have a problem in 3 swaps that I did and I did not receive the AUX, I contacted the admin on the telegram and until today I did not receive the swaps, I followed below the TXID of the transactions that did not receive the swap.

I got in touch by the telegram on day 3 and until today I did not receive the swaps that are missing, I followed below my AUX wallet

I ask you to contact me all transactions are with confirmed and in blockchain correctly I have not done anything wrong.

I await an answer


Would you please send me the screenshot of these transactions? To verify your addresses on the wallet. Thank you.


I sent a message to you with all the information requested.


Hi! I have a problem with my Auxilium wallet! After reboot no connection and have no coins on my wallet!


Please send me a private message and I will assist you further :slight_smile:


I do not know how to do it, how to send you a privat message?