Auxilium TestNet Online


Auxilium Community, TestNet Volunteers,

Auxilium TestNet is online!

When signed up for the TestNet you have access to the following category on the Auxilum Forum:

Topic with core information:

Let’s start testing the Auxilium wallets! :smiley:

The first wallets with Ethereum, PoS and Smartcontracts combined!

Please leave your comments in the core information topic.

Thank you all for participating! :heart_eyes:


Final Auxilium TestNet! (sign up)
Roadmap and updates (updated daily)

hi, great news, great job
I am testing and all transactions are going well
comprehensible, readable, simple installation wallet
I’m coming back to you I’m doing it a little bit


Thanks! Please reply/comment with suggestions/bugs, etc. within the private TestNet topic.