Auxilium Team: an introduction


Hi there Auxilium community,

In order to provide you with some insight into who we are and what our strengths (and weaknesses) are, here is a brief profile on each of us.

Please bear with us as we’re currently updating our details and creating a little more uniformity and consistency.

Auxilium Team

Check out about Auxilium on our website.

Country: Australia

I have worked in the IT industry for over twenty years and have held roles both as a Systems Administrator and as a web and app developer and more often than not, the two roles have overlapped.

I have written a number of web and non-web based apps to facilitate one project or another and have used my skillset to build my own companies from the ground up.

I enjoy using PHP, Python, C++, C#, Linux and also designing and building core infrastructure and distributed networks.

Usually quite logical, optimistic, mostly diplomatic but it’s also in my nature to be direct and to the point when necessary.

Two of my hobbies include wood working and electronics, when / if I have the time.

Why I’m a Auxilium team member
I enjoy helping those less fortunate and believe sustainability is going to become more and more important into the future. I feel Auxilium is a fantastic way to provide help and support to those in need and to bring together, many like-minded people for a common cause.

Country: The Netherlands

I am a Master of Science in Education Pedagogy. I own multiple (online) businesses in The Netherlands as an education expert and director. In my work I communicate with all layers of society: children, parents, teachers, management, directors. People from different parts in The Netherlands, different nationalities and a variety of socio-economic status. From private lessons to large deals with organizations, I always find a way to create a strong relationship with the people I work with. Communication is key, always.

I am direct and ambitious. When passionate about a project I always give everything I have. Creative entrepreneur with diverse skillset.

I have enjoyed judo for 21 years now. I am a black belt and have been a volunteer judo teacher for 10 hours a week for the past 14 years. Also enjoy watching football and series; having a relaxing time with friends and family.

Why I’m a Auxilium Team member
Taking care of other humans and mother earth is the one thing people tend to forget in this 24 hour economy. People tend to forget that this world is not only for them as individuals but also for their children and many generations to come. Because of the lack of (social and environmental) investments a philanthropic green movement, in this case a cryptocurrency, is very much needed. I truely believe Auxilium is the future, already has an huge market to target which will only grow in the years to come due to increase in individualism and materialism. Let’s make a change for the better and give back to the world.

Country: Italy

Many years of experience with programming and web development. Familiar with Java, C, Haskell, Ruby as well as JavaScript, HTML and CSS. Experience with working in teams on different projects.
Currently completing a Computer Science degree and developing part-time.
Huge interest in blockchain and the new paradigm that are cryptocurrencies, as well as AI, Neural Networks and Machine Learning.

I am hard working and constantly strive to fulfil potential. I enjoy learning and working on challenging projects. I am outgoing and can work in teams.

I enjoy programming and music as hobbies. I like travelling a lot and also play sports. I have been a big football (soccer) fan for a very long time.

Why I’m a Auxilium Team Member
Cryptocurrencies are revolutionary in that they are decentralised systems, and transfer power back to the people. In the Auxilium movement, I saw a great opportunity to use this new paradigm to benefit a large number of people in many different ways, as opposed to just the individual.

Country: United States

I’ve spent years writing in C++. Current and previous projects are related to AI, graphics, data acquisition, and mathematical modeling.

I had never read through the bitcoin code, nor compiled a wallet, but have started doing so. I spend my free time building Tesla devices.

Country: Spain

Front-end developer with years of experience. Able to code in Java, JavaScript, HTML, CSS and C#. AI and Blockchain technology enthusiast. Worked mostly on my own projects and built websites for different firms for free. Take part annualy in a voluntarily charity organization to Africa, specialized in helping childern with any kind of disablities and poor families.

Enjoy working (truly). I consider myslef optimistic, calm person that really likes getting stuff done in time. Try doing my absolute best when working. I try learning something new everyday and keep my brain in constant motion.

Love playing football, cycling, running, composing/playing on the piano and come up with new futuristic projects/concepts for changing the world for good. Mostly I enjoy programming and working (not lying).

Why I’m a Auxilium Team Member
Helping those in need has been always on my mind, and many of my written down project have been backing it up. When finding out that I would be able to do work on helping those in need with Auxilium I decided to join Auxilium.

@ihor.pidruchny (brings 1 or 2 teammembers to the table)
Country: Ukraine

Partner at agency focused on blockchain development. The team is focused on C++, Qt, Solidity and modern web, mobile and desktop technology stack. They are focused on the renovating the client and building further technical ecosystem around sprouts.



Awesome to have you guys on board!!
Lets take this coin to new heights!

Good luck :slight_smile:


Thank you for the introductions.

This will surely built trust and confidence within the community.

This team can make Sprouts great.

PS. Can the BTCTalk Announcement front page be updated with this and relevant new info?


We will do so. But want to have the branding sorted first. We try for now to redirect as many people to the forum, as this is our main communication portal.


I completely agree with this, but in Cryptoland that front page is the first 10 seconds of introduction.

It leaves an impression and is also the first marketing step, it should be a full page advertisement.

Just my opinion :smile:


So it should be an amazing impression, and not just “an impression”. As you can see it is on the list and certainly will be done within a few weeks, with social media and updating etc. This needs to fit together perfectly.

Core Team Members

Congratulations on the presentation of all team Dev, this only makes me trust even more in the resurgence of sprouts!


I’m new to the community, here’s my suggestion:

Having or referrals on social media from developers helps to pass some credibility to those who do not know the project yet!


@leohoffmann We will discuss this. You have a fair point.


Sign me up for final testnet Sprouts+! :seedling::smiley:


Looks like a great team with diverse skillset - also good to see an Aussie on board!

Lets create a great community and an amazing coin! :smile:


I’m looking forward to the good news from you. :smile:


Has there been any change in this development team, or does it all continue?


@Rodpalmeira how do you mean? If the team info is still correct? Or if we are still making progress? :slightly_smiling_face:


I was looking for this information for a second group of Brazilian investors who got into sprouts.:star_struck:



hello im a new member,


Hi @Fakhrid welcome