Auxilium strategic listing on BiteBTC


Dear Auxilium community,

A week ago we updated you on the CoinMarketCap listing application. CoinMarketCap listing update

We have since applied for a second listing with another exchange. A strategic listing in order to, as soon as possible, re-apply for a listing with CMC.

BiteBTC exchange has listed us. BiteBTC is an exchange from Singapore which requires verification(s) in order to deposit and withdrawal coins. It mostly focuses on trading BTC and ETH against USD, but also allows non-fiat trading against BTC and ETH.

You are able to trade AUX on the following two markets soon:

At this moment the wallets of the newest listings are in maintenance mode. BiteBTC is trying to activate these wallets as soon as possible.

As soon as we have non-zero trading volume on both Mercatox and BiteBTC we will re-apply for listing on CMC.

For those who did not check in this week: Mercatox is holding an AUX trading promo with 1 million AUX in prize money for the top-250 traders. With a first prize worth 70.000 (70 thousand) AUX! Buying AUX on Mercatox before 15th October 2018 could win you one of 250 prizes! Read more on the Mercatox website:

You are able to trade AUX on the following two markets:

We wish you a wonderful day!

Kind regards,

The Auxilium Global Team

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This is indeed awesome good news. Keep the train moving guys. We are strongly behind you guys to succeed in this industry.


Excellent news! Well done!


Wow! You always explain everything so well. :+1:t3: Best site I have been on for a while! :heart:️ Love Love Love it! :heart: