Auxilium (AUX) trading on Nusa Exchange soon


Dear Auxilium community,

AUX will be traded on Nusa Exchange (

The brandnew Indonesia based exchange, from the platform, is planning to open trading for Auxilium on the 14th December 2018.

Not to long ago we also got listed on the decentralised exchange Escodex ( which checked our target on our Q4 2018 roadmap ( to list on at least one extra exchange.

Check to read more about buying and selling AUX coins.

In Q1 2019 we plan to list on a major exchange. In the meanwhile we try and increase the community and strengthen our network.

Not having conducted an ICO and building a cryptocurrency company from the ground up - in a bearmarket - is certainly a challenge. A challenge all of us volunteers gladly take on; besides our busy jobs.

A strong company fundament is of the uttermost importance. And that is exactly what we try to accomplish by choosing this slow(er) but steady approach. We see the power in being patient. We should also not forget we only have been on the market for 4 (bearish) months.

Have a great week all!

Kind regards,

The Auxilium Global Team


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