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When I try to import my Keystore File into new wallet it asks for a password. When I use the password that I created on the old wallet it is not the correct password. I do not remember making another password.

Also, how would I go about getting private keys from old wallet or Mnemonic Phrase from old wallet?


Old wallet worked on keystore files.

Importing wallet should work through keyfile. You sure you entered the correct password? (no capslock or anything?)

With new wallet you can select different methods to save.


I used the same old wallet password and it worked, I think you forget some letter or capslock, as Anton mentioned.


Where can I find the keyfile?
I was trying to use the keystore file.


I believe Anton is telling me I am using the wrong file. I was trying to use the keystore file but I don’t know where to find or what is the keyfile



In other words: the keystore is in the roaming file. :wink:

In MacOS you can find it in ~Library\Auxilium


Thanks guys, I was using the correct file. I was using the wrong password. It was an easy fix once I used the correct password.


Enjoy the new wallet!
Let us know your user experience? :slightly_smiling_face: