Article Bounty Competition [up to 10000 AUX]

Article bounty

Write unique and informative content on Auxilium (AUX) cryptocurrency and post it on blogs, news websites, social media, etc.

The article may be written in your own language if you prefer. English is not per se necessary.

We will pick winners based on how:

  • unique [not a straight copy from the website for instance] the content is;
  • accurate the content is;
  • how informative the content is;
  • how well linked (hyperlinks) it is to relevant content;
  • how creative the article is;
  • and how much impact (amount of potential readers) the article has.

Amount of winners: 3
1st place: 10000 AUX
2nd place: 7500 AUX
3rd place: 5000 AUX

Extended end date: 1st of September 2019 12:00 CEST
Reason: not reached minimum of 5 submissions.

Announcement winners date: 7th of September 2019 12:00 CEST

Minimum of 5 video’s needed to make competition valid.

Submit entry as comment
Simply post the link of the article in a reply below. If you post the same article on multiple platforms we will take this into account and award more points for impact. If this is the case please post all links in the same comment.
You are not limited to just one article. If you feel like writing more than one unique article about AUX - without spamming a certain source - feel free to send in more than one article for this bounty competition.

Good luck!


If someone needs our logo. Please ask if you have other requirements!






The second article on my website. I like your project more and more.

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Hi @angins thanks for participating again, but please make sure your content is unique. It is unfortunately a bit to much of a copy + paste to participate in this competition.


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