Any upcoming exchanges being added?


Any plans or news regarding other exchanges? I’ve been able to sign up in while the other exchange are down. Hoping SPRTS can show up in there so I can trade for it.

Any news would be great. Thanks!


We will not add exchanges for Sprouts for the few weeks there is left. We are Sprouts+. Not affiliated with Sprouts.



To add a little more context, we (the Sprouts+ team) came together to attempt to revive Sprouts. We set up this forum, etc.

Due to a community vote that was held some months ago, we’ve branched off to form Sprouts+ which is based on Ethereum code (a clone.)

We’re not focused any longer on maintaining Sprouts. We’re pouring all our efforts into Sprouts+.

There is apparently a Sprouts dev team working on a Sprouts revival that has been endorsed by Mr. Eggman, the original Sprouts dev but we’re not affiliated with them.



just to clarify, spent ages getting my SPRTS wallet to have a connection…will it be used for SPRTS+ ?


Sprouts+ has a new state of the art and highly compatible wallet!


when will this be available ? :slight_smile:


So, i don’t understand. I bought some sprouts,- you will change them to sprouts+?
Or it will be two different coins SPRTS and SPRTS+?


Hi Okay,

We will launch a swap portal where you’re able to swap your Sprouts for Sprouts+ if that’s what you choose to do.

Sprouts and Sprouts+ are different currencies.


sprouts and sprouts will be like bitcoin and Dogecoin two different currencies and how do you buy the btc with dogecoin and how dogecoin purchases with the bitcoin with sprouts and sprouts + will be the same


Thank you very much for all your replies.!!!Very helpful.
anyone knows what rate would be?