20th December Auxilium Q&A Video (Questions and Answers Video)


Dear Auxilium community,

We would like to give you the opportunity to come forward with questions you have about Auxilium Global and/or Auxilium (AUX) cryptocurrency and/or for the Auxilium Global Team.

All Auxilium related questions commented below in this topic (before 16th December 2018) will be answered by Auxilium Global co-founder Anton Donker in a video that will be published 20th December 2018.

We will use frequently asked questions to create a solid FAQ’s page on our website for (future) investors and community members.

Please let us know what is on your mind.

Kind regards,

The Auxilium Global Team


This introduction video might give you a good idea what Auxilium is all about.

Roadmap and updates (updated daily)
Roadmap and updates (updated daily)
Roadmap and updates (updated daily)


Hello AUX team! Just a few questions and advice/feedback.

  1. I was wondering what your plans are for gaining adoption and use for 2019?
  2. Can you share any specific plans for the next steps on the road maps or any big partnerships etc?
  3. I was also wondering how you will be focusing on philanthropic work around the globe?
    I wanted to share some feedback and an idea for the team to consider moving forward. Binance is working on charity work with some of their recent announcements and was thinking AUX could look into reaching out to some bigger exchanges, companies, and other crypto projects for charity events or partnerships.

At any rate Thank you for having the Q&A. I look forward to watching the progress and developments of your project. Ken.


Hi Ken,

Thank you for reaching out, we really appreciate it.

We’re working towards gaining wider adoption currently, by

a) completing our whitepaper
b) finalising details relating to the structure of the company (the actual entity from which we operate)
c) holding a number of airdrops and competitions

We’re aiming to have items a and b finalised by the end of 2018 and the moment they are done, we will begin approaching larger exchanges.

As you’ve mentioned, Binance and a number of other large exchanges will consider listing a currency at their discretion, for free, if the focus of the currency is on providing a service to humanity in some way.

While we’d not presume to be the perfect fit and therefore not assume we’re guaranteed to get listed for free with a larger exchange, we’re hopeful we will meet the requirements necessary to get a free listing.

We chose not to hold an ICO and so it’ll be slow going for us until we are able to demonstrate our sincerity and commitment to Auxilium and community in such a way that others are more trusting of us and our intentions.

This was our intention though, we wanted to build up trust and a relationship with our community and the world at large, rather than swoop in overnight with an ICO and promises of miracles.

Someone commented on our youtube channel the other day, they posted an insightful opinion piece about how a number of philanthropic organisations around the world are nothing more than a cover for greedy and self serving individuals, more interested in lining their own pockets than actually helping others.

We’ve not yet replied to this individual however we feel exactly the same way about a number of organisations, especially those posing as ‘philanthropic’.

When you break it down, an organisation is nothing more than a group of people who for the most part, are or should be aligned with a common goal.

With this in mind, it stands to reason that any organisation can do what’s right and moral, or not. Leadership plays a big role in either direction taken.

Anton and I, as the co founders of Auxilium, are both very committed to doing what’s right and moral.

We both believe that in helping people, animals and the environment on a global scale, we will help increase the odds of the survival of future generations of human and non human life and, help make life better for all, here and now.

Survival is arguably the cornerstone of the majority of lifeforms on this planet, but we feel that there are two ways to go about it, the selfish and fearing way, and the selfless and fearless way.

We’re betting that in order for the majority to not only survive, but also thrive, the majority will need to adopt the selfless and fearless approach and so that’s what Auxilium is all about.

Auxilium is being constructed to build up a movement of like-minded people, all with a common interest in doing what’s right and helping everyone to not only survive, but also thrive.

If Auxilium is a success, everyone and everything wins, or at least, that’s our goal.

Regarding sharing plans for the next steps, we’re trying to focus on here and now as much as possible for the moment.

We’ve had plenty of discussions relating to projects we’d like to kick off if we have hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars behind the organisation and we’re very serious about getting there.

Projects range from partnering with other philanthropic and charity organisations to provide payment systems, smart contracts and the like with the use of our blockchain, donating directly to various organisations, a not for profit go-fund-me-like website, education on a number of topics, piloting programs to help homeless people live a better quality of life or even to help them find their feet again in society, property development, Eco-friendly product manufacture and retail, and the list goes on.

It’s counter productive currently though to think too much into the future because it takes us away from the work that’s actually required here and now.

Broadly speaking, we can say that once we’re in the position to diversify, we plan to kick off a number of projects that will themselves become revenue generating streams in order to ensure Auxilium is able to meet and hopefully exceed its goal.

Anton and I would like to think that Auxilium will be around long after he and I have gone. We’d like to build a legacy that continues to serve everyone, everywhere, for generations to come.

It’s still very early days for us, we’ve only just begun and so we’ll need a little time to build up momentum but the drive and determination are unwavering and we’re fully committed to making this thing, a success.

Hope this has helped give you a greater insight into us, our organisation and goals and sorry we can’t be much more specific at this time.

We’re always happy to hear feedback and any ideas you may have, to aid in making Auxilium truly global.

Kind regards
James, on behalf of the team


Anton and James, could summarize what has been the long way since March 2017, including the code Eth + PoS that delayed the project Auxilium for a few months, difficulties faced, congratulations to the work.