2,000,000 AUX airdrop and referral


:white_check_mark: Join the huge AUX airdrop and referral campaign!
:moneybag: 2,000,000 AUX available.

AUX PoA, smart contracts, token platform and AID platform make AUX the coin to HODL! :rocket:

:arrow_forward:️ Link to campaign: https://freecoins24.io/auxilium-airdrop-3/

:arrow_forward:️ Read more: https://medium.com/@auxiliumglobal/huge-aux-airdrop-and-referral-campaign-started-31a3b527c4e5

:clap: Thanks Freecoins24

Roadmap and updates (updated daily)


Ok sir i’m go to complete all task :joy:


I enter ERC20 address, then I re-enter AXU address to do so, it will accept no admin?


Hello :slightly_smiling_face:
You’ll need to add AUX address (indeed not ERC20 token) in database via https://t.me/auxairdropbot


Ok senhor


pliss add more exchange


We’re working towards a top cryptocurrency exchange listing. Https://auxilium.global/roadmap/


Look nice project.
Thanks Auxilium.


it was pretty hard to attend but eventually I joined. Thanks for the nice project. :slight_smile:


This is Auxilium (AUX)…


Nice project but the grammars is some how confusing.