$1,000,000 in AUXL airdrop promotion info

Hello all! Welcome! :wave:t2:

I’m Anton, the CEO and co-founder of Auxilium Global.

:bell: Please read this!

Auxilium is a superior blockchain. With AUX (:chart_with_upwards_trend: +6000% since Nov 2019) as mother coin: https://coingecko.com/coins/auxilium

Check the technological advantages here: https://auxilium.global/advantages-of-innovation/

:sparkles: AIRDROP Yes, there is an Airdrop indeed! Legit, and set up by Auxilium Global Team. This a pre-IEO airdrop. @Auxairdropbot

AUXL token airdrop
The airdrop is for AUXL tokens, which will power the amazing Auxilium Loyalty Platform.
:arrow_forward: $10,- worth by doing tasks!
:arrow_forward: $1,- per referral!

Max Supply AUXL: 1,000,000,000
For Airdrop: 100,000,000
For AUX holders: 120,000,000
:sparkle: Holding 1 AUX gives you 1 AUXL extra for free (hold at least 1000 AUX)
Blockchain: Auxilium

:fire: Pre-registration for Auxilium Loyalty Platform (free Palladium membership upgrade): https://auxilium.global/Loyalty-Platform/

:rotating_light:Only use wallets from this website: Https://auxilium.global/wallets ( not Ethereum token, it’s on Auxilium blockchain )

:iphone:Mobile wallet? We’re working on a mobile solution. We’ll have it finished before the end of the airdrop.
You can’t use Trustwallet yet, listing application is still in progress. Other mobile solution will follow soon.
Don’t worry, you’ll receive an email message once available. You can the airdrop join now, and add the AUX address later. :+1:t2:

Distribution date
After 31st October 2020, which is the end date of airdrop. Use your affiliate link in the meanwhile to earn $1,- worth AUXL per referral! :rocket:

Pro tips summary
Hold AUX coin in Auxilium wallet and receive:
:white_check_mark: Up to 8% interest per annum
:white_check_mark: Free newly created tokens of Auxilium blockchain: 1 AUX = 1 free AUXL
:white_check_mark: Hold 2,500 AUX and pre-register for free Palladium Auxilium Loyalty Platform membership upgrade

Buy AUX coins!
:small_blue_diamond:Markets: https://coingecko.com/en/coins/auxilium
:small_blue_diamond:Asian XT exchange IEO (1st - 5th Sept 2020), more info: https://medium.com/@auxiliumglobal/aux-ieo-on-xt-and-more-1d87b69fad7e

Press Star on Coingecko
This is what we mean by that

Press ‘real’ under all events
Go to https://coinmarketcal.com/en/coin/auxilium
You have choice to select is event is real or fake. Choose real.
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Best to ask them here: https://forum.auxilium.global/c/support/10
Just ask, we’ll answer asap! :+1:t2: :blush:


HELLO ADMIN , i have tokens AUX ON wallet pc, so Do I have to convert or do anything, thanks


Hi! Awesome you have AUX coins.

It’s an airdrop for our new token AUXL, not a swap or something AUX will stay.

You can participate in the airdrop. It’s an EXTRA token to strenghten our blockchain ecosystem and ads functionality on our future Auxilium Loyalty Platform.

If you hold 1,000 AUX or more on the desktop wallet you will be certain to receive 1 AUXL token for every AUX coin you hold. You can still join the AUXL airdrop though to gain extra! :smiley:


Thank you for answering, I have over 900 tokens less than 1000 tokens you. I thank you for this information. I have joined and introduced to the community through my 2 channels youtube and telegram. Hopefully tokens will be traded on some electronic exchanges


Welcome! We’re hoping the best also. Step by step. First the AUX IEO on XT next week.


Dear Anton,
Plz share desktop wallet link, and when app wallet coming?


Hi @Akkayjan
Welcome to our community.

The link to desktop wallet is:

and the mobile wallet is due for launch before the end of October.



Hi what are the steps to sign up for the airdrop and what ‘details do I need to give the bot’?



Hello, welcome, just go to https://t.me/auxairdropbot and follow the steps. Thanks.




This will be nice project, because not use ethereum Blockchain, Thanks for the Information


Thanks for being with us :smiley:

dear admin.
I’m having a problem with my desktop wallet, I’ve entered the mnemonic phrase and then I can’t see my address that was used. Please really help …
thank you …

Hi, if I’m correct you can select a different address, and still get the amount that’s on your original address. Are you, otherwise, sure your address is not in the list already?

I will try with your advice, because at my old address I already have a balance in it.

Ce possible des gagnés des aux gratuits

What wallet can I use in order to receive airdrop

Hi, please check https://auxilium.global/wallets/

This is the overview what is available right now. Later this month we hope to launch our own mobile wallet.

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I have tried it but it still doesn’t look sir …

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should just use the mnemonic phrase it is strong enough to store my address. but still it can’t be seen … now what should I do sir.